You have reached the website of LuBlu Entertainment, a company in the business of developing mobile games.

We were founded in march 2006, when we began developing our first game called Sort'em.

Our goal is to create mobile games that are fun and simple to play. We add humor and music to increase the fun-factor, and in order to reach out to as many players as possible, we add 3 levels of difficulty and support for a wide range of phones.

At the same time we offer our games at a very low price. You can either buy them (to avoid commercials), or you can download a free version (with commercials).

Here at our website you can read more about us and our games, while following the development of new games.

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Ukko's Journey Blu-Play version released!

Ukko's Journey

As we wrote in our previous update (from a year and 4 months ago), we've stopped doing cellphone games because the platforms that has replaced JavaME enabled phones just doesn't interest us. We prefer the old JavaME phones.

Meanwhile, there's another platform that also runs JavaME, and which hasn't been replaced yet: Blu-ray players.

So we've gone ahead and ported Ukko's Journey to Blu-ray, which means it runs on PlayStation 3 + PlayStation 4 + Xbox One!

Get it here!


New Amstrad CPC game: Space Rivals

LuBlu Entertainment isn't doing cellphone games anymore. Our main interest was with JavaME, and since JavaME enabled phone is a thing of the past, we haven't been working on any projects since Pirate Diamonds.

We did try out Android development, but have to admit it just doesn't interest us the same way.

Occasionally we do a little retro-game development though, and this has resulted in our 2nd Amstrad CPC game release: Space Rivals.

The game isn't released as such yet though, as we entered it into the CPC Retro Dev Compo 2015. A whole 35 entries was submitted to the CPC Retro Dev Compo 2015, and all the games will be presented Saturday the 31st online.


Happy New Year!

Our two games; Pirate Diamonds and Ukko's Journey, are doing well at Opera's App Store.

This is great news of course, but sadly not so great anyway.

The Android version of Pirate Diamonds hasn't had a whole lot of downloads, so the Greystripe ad-revenue is virtually none.

The JavaME version of Pirate Diamonds has been downloaded thousand of times. But Inner Active who were supposed to serve ads, hasn't served a single ad at all. Inner Active should definitely be avoided by other JavaME developers looking for an ad-provider.

But we're glad about all the positive feedback we're getting. Thanks to everyone taking time to write a positive review.

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