About LuBlu Entertainment

LuBlu Entertainment consists of computer scientist and musician Roald Strauss alias Mr.Lou (shortened Lu), and graphics artist Marlene Johansen alias BlueAngel (shortened Blu). We got together in mid 2005, when we teamed up on our first project. It was a short project, but it gave us just enough time to learn that we formed a good team, so we decided to team up on other projects as well.

The beginning

While working on various projects, LuBlu Entertainment was formed in March 2006, without really noticing it at first. It all began as a little experiment. Mr.Lou had been eager to have a go at developing a mobile game for some time, and Blue was up for the challenge of creating pixel-based graphics and animation. It was obvious we should target our experiment at the Java Micro Edition platform. So we came up with a simple game-idea that seemed appropriate for the purpose.

The next couple of months were spent experimenting with mobile java coding (J2ME), buying test-phones, experiencing different behaviours with these phones and then redoing the code to make it work on all our test-phones. We joined various development-sites, looked at different development-tools (editors, pre-processors, graphics- and music applications), and read a lot of documentation with tips and tricks. Slowly our game became a reality, first with a MIDP2.0 CLDC1.1 prototype. Then a MIDP1.0 CLDC1.0 version from scratch with new graphics and music, taking into account the things we'd learned from the prototype development.

After 3 months of learning, coding and extensive testing on several phone models, the final result was ready: "Sort'em v1.0"; a simple, addictive and fun one-key arcade game for a wide range of mobile phones.

(Sort'em was later released in v1.1 and v1.2)

The future

Since we both have daytime jobs, and LuBlu Entertainment is only a sparetime project, we have decided to concentrate on our own ideas and characters only. In short, that just means you can't hire us to code your J2ME game for you. It's not as much a business to us as it is a passion. We enjoy the challenge that lies in mobile development, and we don't mind spending a lot of time figuring out a suitable solution to a single implementation-related problem. All these things mean that we can easily spend up to 4-5 times as much time developing a game, as the average developer typically does.

Our plans for the future are quite simple. Though we may not develop games frequently, we do have plenty of funny ideas which we're pretty sure we'll put to life sooner or later. But we're not in a hurry, and we do not try to develop a lot of  games fast, in order to make a lot of money. We have a passion for "the good old days", where we imagine games were made by artists (like ourselves), as a form of creative art - not for profit. Though we do not wish to give away our hard labor completely free, we do wish to follow the footsteps of those pioneers, and thus give our customers a good quality product and a good experience.

Our vision

LuBlu Entertainment has a vision of bringing games to the mobile market, in the same good old cozy retro style as found on the Commodore64 and Amstrad CPC a long long time ago, though with a few changes and additions. We aim to create games that are

  • Simple to play on a mobile phone - preferable max 2 control buttons needed for each thumb
  • Fun and entertaining - lots of humor, music and high quality graphics
  • Price matching your preference - free ad-wrapped versions, inexpensive web-order or standard SMS order
  • Good quality - compatible with a wide range of devices
  • Suitable for different groups of players - adjustable level of difficulty