Although LuBlu Entertainment is mainly a sparetime game-development company, we do also create a few apps. They are mainly for personal use, but might also be useful to you.

SimpleList on FTP v0.2

SimpleList on FTP

A simple app used for maintaining your shoppinglist, ToDo-list or another list from your phone. The app saves the list on your FTP server as a text-file, making it easy for multiple phones to access the same list - or to edit using your FTP based editor such as PSPad or gEdit.

Add items to the list either by adding lines to the text-file using your favorite editor, or by using the SimpleList on FTP app. When you're out shopping, simply click the item to remove it from the list.

Navigation is done with Navi9. That means, all navigation is done using the 9 numeric keys from 1 to 9. If you have a touch-screen device, you have to imagine that your screen is divided into 3x3 invisible fields containing the 9 numbers. Clicking the top left corner is thus equal to pressing 1, and clicking the center of the screen is equal to pressing 5.

Download for your J2ME enabled phone

[jad] [jar]

Download for Android

[apk] (Ported by


Christmas stories [danish language only]


11 classic Christmas stories can be downloaded for your J2ME enabled phone from here:





Snap'n'UploadSmall and simple application that allows you to take photos with your mobile phone and upload them to your FTP right away. Handy for those webmasters out there who wants to save time and who can settle for phone camera quality.

Download JAR file from here.





Patch your old J2ME-enabled phone (like e.g. SE K800 or SE W800), and turn it into a little surveillance unit. Patching can be done with e.g. DaVinci Client, FAR Manager or other tools, and is needed in order to get rid of Java-restrictions. The app then monitors a room for changes, and sends you an MMS when it detects changes.


  • Version 0.2 will autostart after boot, but requires a Sony Ericsson JP7 phone to do this (such as K800).
  • Version 0.1 is therefor preferred on older devices such as W800, but do try to get your hands on a JP7 phone, because the autostart feature is great to have in case the phone crashes - MotiNoti simply just starts again an continues surveillance.

Download files here.

NOTE: This app will not be useful unless you patch your phone to get rid of Java-restrictions. If you don't patch the phone, the app will just hang at "Allow phone to take picture?" and "Allow phone to send MMS?".


  2. Working simcard in the device, and a working MMS configuration
  3. For v0.2 a Sony Ericsson JP7 phone is required (due to autostart feature). See list of SE phones grouped by JP version here.

How it works

  1. First the app waits 2 minutes before starting, so you have time to place the phone and leave the room.
  2. Then it starts calibrating, by taking 50 pictures and measuring the difference in byte-values between them. This tells the phone how a room without motion "looks" like. It then assumes that a room with motion must result in a difference of 9*average.
  3. Now MotiNoti starts detecting for motion.
  4. If/when motion is detected, MMS is sent, and the app stops. It only sends 1 MMS.

A few pointers

  1. MotiNoti is a new app. Don't expect miracles.
  2. Remember that "movement" is any bigger change in the picture. If you point the camera at a wall, and a strong sunlight suddenly hits the wall, then it qualifies as "movement". Therefor try to point the camera at something with a little change as possible.
  3. It uses a lot of battery, so always have your charger connected, especially if you're going out of town for a few days.
  4. I have been using a SE K800 for testing. Although the app should work on other devices, it might react differently. (The calibration part should adapt to different devices, but it might not).
  5. Try to place the phone max 3 meters from possible movement. Don't expect it to be able to detect motion 7 meters away.
  6. It's my personal experience that using a simcard from the same service provider as you use in your personal phone, will result in a faster sending of the MMS.


Christmas Screensaver


A picture of a Christmas tree with snow falling, to be used for screensaver wallpaper on SE JP-7 phones. Probably also works on other devices, but it requires a Sony Ericsson JP-7 (or later) device, in order to be able to set it as a standby background.




Bus Billet Nordjylland

busbillet.pngSmall local app, for ordering bus tickets in the northern part of Denmark.

This is the first app we've developed for Android + J2ME at the same time. By implementing a few classes, we can use 90% of the same code for both versions. This is something we hope will save us a lot of time for our next game-project.

Get it from Android Market here:


Download J2ME version (e.g. for Nokia and non-smartphones):