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Ukko's Journey Blu-Play version released!

Ukko's Journey

As we wrote in our previous update (from a year and 4 months ago), we've stopped doing cellphone games because the platforms that has replaced JavaME enabled phones just doesn't interest us. We prefer the old JavaME phones.

Meanwhile, there's another platform that also runs JavaME, and which hasn't been replaced yet: Blu-ray players.

So we've gone ahead and ported Ukko's Journey to Blu-ray, which means it runs on PlayStation 3 + PlayStation 4 + Xbox One!

Get it here!


New Amstrad CPC game: Space Rivals

LuBlu Entertainment isn't doing cellphone games anymore. Our main interest was with JavaME, and since JavaME enabled phone is a thing of the past, we haven't been working on any projects since Pirate Diamonds.

We did try out Android development, but have to admit it just doesn't interest us the same way.

Occasionally we do a little retro-game development though, and this has resulted in our 2nd Amstrad CPC game release: Space Rivals.

The game isn't released as such yet though, as we entered it into the CPC Retro Dev Compo 2015. A whole 35 entries was submitted to the CPC Retro Dev Compo 2015, and all the games will be presented Saturday the 31st online.


Happy New Year!

Our two games; Pirate Diamonds and Ukko's Journey, are doing well at Opera's App Store.

This is great news of course, but sadly not so great anyway.

The Android version of Pirate Diamonds hasn't had a whole lot of downloads, so the Greystripe ad-revenue is virtually none.

The JavaME version of Pirate Diamonds has been downloaded thousand of times. But Inner Active who were supposed to serve ads, hasn't served a single ad at all. Inner Active should definitely be avoided by other JavaME developers looking for an ad-provider.

But we're glad about all the positive feedback we're getting. Thanks to everyone taking time to write a positive review.


Pirate Diamonds reviewed by

The good people at have reviewed Pirate Diamonds, giving it 3 of 5 stars.

Read the review here.


Pirate Diamonds available at Opera's App Store

The JavaME version of Pirate Diamonds is now available from Opera's App Store

Click here to get it


LuBlu Entertainment presents Pirate Diamonds!

Our 4th game-project (and first Android game) is complete and available for download now for Android devices and JavaME enabled devices!

Go to to read more, and download to your phone.


Ukko's Journey Highscores

The highscore system for Ukko's Journey has been down for a couple of months, obviously resulting in very few highscore uploads. At you can now see highscore tables for 2013.

Our apologies to anyone who's attempted to upload their highscores in vain. The good news is that any previous non-uploaded highscore you might have achieved, should still be uploadable. Just go to Highscores in the game and press UP to upload your score.


We're still here

Considering it's been 1½ years since we last posted any news here, you probably thought we weren't active anymore. But that is not the case.

We have in fact been working on our 4th mobile game for all this time, which will also be our first Android game. It will be for both Android and JavaME enabled devices.

But since we're now also parents, and both have daytime jobs, it's not often we have time to work with our sparetime game-development.

That's it for now. Just wanted to let you know that we're still active.


Bus Billet Nordjylland

LuBlu has developed a small new local app, for ordering bus tickets in the northern part of Denmark.

This is the first app we've developed for Android + J2ME at the same time. By implementing a few classes, we can use 90% of the same code for both versions. This is something we hope will save us a lot of time for our next game-project.

Get it from Android Market here:

Download J2ME version (e.g. for Nokia and non-smartphones):


SimpleList on FTP now available via

SimpleList on FTP v0.2 can now be downloaded from



SimpleList on FTP v0.2

A new app from LuBlu Entertainment: SimpleList on FTP is a simple app used for maintaining your shoppinglist, ToDo-list or another list from your phone. The app saves the list on your FTP server as a text-file, making it easy for multiple phones to access the same list - or to edit using your FTP based editor such as PSPad or gEdit.

Add items to the list either by adding lines to the text-file using your favorite editor, or by using the SimpleList on FTP app. When you're out shopping, simply click the item to remove it from the list.

More info and download links in the Applications section.


Christmas eBook v1.2 ready

Our Christmas eBook (danish language only) has been released in v1.2. It now has better support for touch-screens, and includes 2 extra stories.

There is also Android versions available now, thanks to Netmite's online JAR -> APK converter.

The JAR file will also run on Android devices with Esmertec Jbed though.


9 Christmas stories eBook

LuBlu has developed a little text-reader that can be used for e.g. DiscMags or eBooks. To demonstrate, we have released 9 Christmas stories in danish language. It can be downloaded from here:

The engine supports both touch phones and non-touch phones. While it does also have support for background music, we didn't include music in this package.


MotiNoti v0.2 released

Version 0.2 of MotiNoti was released today. MotiNoti now autostarts when phone is booted. This means MotiNoti now requires a Sony Ericsson JP7 phone for best performance, such as a K800. Other phones will install MotiNoti fine, but won't be able to autostart after boot. Other phones will refuse to install MotiNoti.

We have tested MotiNoti using a Sony Ericsson K800.

Download version 0.2 JAR here.


MotiNoti - turn your patched phone into a surveillance unit

On the Applications page you'll now see a new application called MotiNoti. It allows you to turn your patched phone into a little surveillance unit that monitors for changes/movement in a room, and sends you an MMS when it detects something.

Just like Snap'n'Upload, MotiNoti is free. But where a patched phone would be nice when using Snap'n'Upload, it's necessary when using MotiNoti. If your phone isn't patched, MotiNoti won't run, but instead just hang at "Allow app to send MMS?".

You can patch your phone at e.g. for about 10 euro.


New page: Applications

Although LuBlu Entertainment is mainly a sparetime game-development company, the coder of LuBlu also creates a few applications every now and then, mainly for personal use. We have decided to make these applications available from our website here as well.

Thus introducing, a new page: Applications


Snap'n'Upload free!

Although this site is only about games, the coder of LuBlu Entertainment also develops other smaller apps and utilities. One such app is Snap'n'Upload.

With Snap'n'Upload, you can use your J2ME enabled phone to take photos, and send them to your FTP server right away. Quite handy for those webmasters who wants to save time and can settle for phone camera quality.

Snap'n'Upload is freeware, and can be downloaded here:

NOTE: Snap'n'Upload communicates directly with your FTP server. There are no middle-server, as seen with other FTP apps.


Signed contract with Novasa

LuBlu Entertainment have signed a distribution contract with Novasa for distribution of Ukko's Journey.

Although the contract covers worldwide distribution, Novasa will distribute the game in Denmark only. Novasa recommended us to contact Thumbstar Games for more distribution, so we've done that and now waiting for reply.

Ukko's Journey will be available from the danish site in the near future.


Do you have a favorite app? is holding the Gettie Awards 2010 which lets you nominate your favorite app from

LuBlu Entertainment encourages you to spend 2 minutes nominating your favorite app.


Ukko's Journey rejected by HandyGames

A rather fast reply from HandyGames informed us that Ukko's Journey was rejected, because it did not meet the high quality standard Sony Ericsson expected. There were 3 reasons for the rejection:

  1. English language only not enough. The game must support at least English, French and German
  2. Not enough top handset coverage. Ukko's Journey is only for handsets with buttons, so it doesn't run on the touch-screen based SE Satio, Vivaz (and the X10 Android device for obvious reasons). In other words, creating games that require buttons is not acceptable....
  3. Ukko's Journey isn't targeting the majority, but rather a certain group of gamers. We did this completely intentionally because we feel the market is flooded with the same kinds of games that doesn't appeal to us, and wanted to create a game in the category that does appeal to us. The rejection due to this reason explains why we can't find games that does appeal to us in the market.

So at this point we have learned that LuBlu Entertainment will only ever be able to target the niche market, retro gamers and other gamers who long for a little more interesting and challenging games. Therefor our games will sadly only ever be available from sites such as, and


Ukko's Journey submitted to HandyGames

Today we finally heard from Sony Ericsson, 4½ months after submitting Ukko's Journey, only to find out that they no longer process games. Instead they advised us to submit Ukko's Journey to their partner HandyGames.

So we have sent an e-mail with Ukko's Journey to HandyGames now. Time will tell what happens next.

Meanwhile, remember Ukko's Journey is still available in an adware version from


Ukko's Journey still in review

You might wonder why there's been no news for the past 4 months, since we submitted Ukko's Journey for Sony Ericsson Playnow Arena. The reason is simple: Ukko's Journey has been in review at Sony Ericsson for 4 months!

Exactly why Sony Ericsson needs to spend 4 months deciding whether to accept or reject our game is beyond us. We find it to be very unprofessional, and expected Sony Ericsson to be more serious than that.

We have written Sony Ericsson twice complaining about the review time, and received a reply both times with an excuse about there being a big queue. This however seems illogical to us, since the presence of a big queue should have resulted in the state of our game still being in the "Waiting" state, rather than the "In Review" state it's been in since the 3rd or February.

So this is why there's been no news about Ukko's Journey being available at Playnow Arena.


Ukko's Journey submitted to PlayNow Arena

We have submitted our game Ukko's Journey in a "JustPlay" edition to the Sony Ericsson PlayNow Arena, and are now awaiting approval.

Compared with the standard version of Ukko's Journey, the JustPlay Edition is slightly different. First of all, we've made it slightly easier. But we've also removed the online highscores.

Sony Ericsson requires games and applications to be signed if they need Internet connection or other features that result in a requester-popup. And since we create only 1-2 games a year, we did not want to invest in a certificate, so that we could sign Ukko's Journey. Thus the JustPlay Edition was born.


Merry Christmas!

LuBlu Entertainnment wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

We've made a little screensaver that runs on Sony Ericsson JP-7 phones (from K800 and later). Click here to download the jar, or type in the following URL in your phone browser:

Note that some phones require installation via the phone browser, in order to be able to set the midlet as a screensaver.


Our games now online at

Our 3 games, Sort'em, Ukko's Escape and the new Ukko's Journey are now online at


Ukko's Journey released!

Our 3rd mobile game Ukko's Journey is now released, and can be downloaded in a free adware version from Getjar here!

View highscores at


Ukko's Journey completed!

After 1 year and 1 month we have finished our 3rd mobile game project "Ukko's Journey". It has been sent to who is evaluating it for approval to their site. It has also been submitted to, but we do not expect the game to become online there, because Greystripe has moved away focus from JavaME in favor of iPhone and Android.

We expect the game to be available on monday. Check back soon. :-)

A big thanks goes to all our betatesters whom without we couldn't have reached the level of quality we did.


Betatest phase over

Ukko's Journey was sent to 23 betatesters, who has been playing the game the past month. Everyone has given us some verbal feedback, and about half has returned the feedback form to us.

We are currently looking at the feedback and implementing selected betatester-requests. We are very close to the release now. :-)

Stay tuned!


Ukko's Journey now in betatest!

Our 3rd game, Ukko's Journey, is now in betatest! Betatesters has been given 3 weeks for testing, and we're looking forward to hearing the feedback / test-results. As usual, most technical tests has been performed by LuBlu Entertainment, so this test-phase is mostly focussed on the actual gameplay.

Screenshots and a large advert poster will be added to the description of Ukko's Journey soon.

Stay tuned. :-)


Amstrad version of Sort'em reviewed in Retroaction

The Amstrad version of our beloved Sort'em has been reviewed again, this time by Retroaction magazine.

The reviewer, Duffman, gave our game 79% on graphics, 64% on music and 80% on gameplay, resulting in a total score of 78%. We send our thanks to Duffman for the positive review.

If you haven't checked out Retroaction Magazine yet, we urge you to do so right away. Go to to do so. You will find the review of Sort'em on page 48.


Betatesters preparing for test-phase

We are getting closer to the finishline, and have sent out mails to our betatesters to prepare them for a 2-week betatest phase within the next month. Development status looks like this:

  • Story: 100%
  • Graphics (240x320 version): 95%
  • Graphics (176x208 version): 40%
  • Music: 100%
  • Level design: 100%
  • Coding: 94%

All betatesters will be listed in end credits when the player has completed the game.

More updates in a month.


Development status

We are making good progress with our 3rd project. Currently we have finished the basic version of all levels, and we're doing a lot of playtesting while adjusting the levels.

  • Story: 98%
  • Graphics (240x320 version): 80%
  • Music: 90%
  • Level design: 80%
  • Coding: 80%

As you can see, we're close to finishing the 240x320 version. When the 240x320 version is done, we will start making versions for devices with 176x208 resolution, and maybe others.

Stay tuned for more updates in a month. :-)


Amstrad version of Sort'em reviewed in Retro Gamer Mag

If you happen to own issue 61 of the Retro Gamer magazine, you will see a short review of the Amstrad CPC version of Sort'em on page 105. The reviewer, Jason Kelk, gave our game 71%, which we consider to be a quite good score.

This review was an unexpected positive surprise, and we send our thanks to Jason Kelk for the effort.

Click here to download the Amstrad CPC version of Sort'em.


Development status

A little update on development status of our 3rd project. The numbers looks like this:

  • Story: 95%
  • Graphics: 41%
  • Music: 66%
  • Level design: 62%
  • Coding: 70%

The prototype version will be with graphics for a 240x320 pixel display. When this version is done, we will consider doing a 176x208 pixel version. Due to the amount of graphics in this game, it will be a big task to scale everything down to 176x208, so we can't say at this point wether we'll make a 176x208 version or not.

We have decided to not do a 128x128 or 128x160 pixel version though. So if you have a phone with that resolution, hurry out and buy a new phone. :-)


Amstrad CPC version of Sort'em available!

A few weeks ago we decided to take a break with development of our 3rd project, and try to realize a little childhood dream: To create a game for our beloved 8bit machines; the Amstrad CPC and Commodore64.

Today we succeeded in finishing the Amstrad CPC version, so here it is!

Download DSK


As for the C64 version, progress is no where near as fast as with the CPC development, and we're not at all sure we'll be able to complete it. But we haven't quite given up yet, so stay tuned. :-)


Happy New Year!

We hope you've had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year. The year has gone by fast, and it's clear that we'll not be able to finish our 3rd game in the beginning of 2009, as we estimated we would. The current status looks like this:

  • Story: 95%
  • Graphics: 22%
  • Music: 55%
  • Level design: 50%
  • Coding: 60%

Although we are clearly making progress, we have to face the fact that LuBlu Entertainment only is a sparetime project, which means we don't have a whole lot of time for development. Therefor, our new estimate of a release date lies about half a year ahead.

When we've finished this 3rd game, we will start looking into Flash and maybe do a Flash version of it.


A minor setback

Not a whole lot has been happening since last update. We ran into some health problems which forced us to take a break with development. And afterwards we ran into computer problems, which forced us to invest in new equipment and spend some time setting it up. But now things seem to be going in the right direction again, so we hope to get back to our 3rd project again soon.


Development status

We are currently in the process of developing our 3rd game, expected to be ready early 2009. Things are coming along nicely. Level 1 is almost done, and work on level 2 has begun. The more specific numbers looks like this:

  • Story: 95%
  • Graphics: 8%
  • Music: 35%
  • Level design: 20%
  • Coding: 40%

We will give you a status update in a month or two again.


Picking up where we left off

After a 4-months long break caused by school and work, we are back working on our 3rd project again: Another arcade game with 4 levels and easy controls suitable for a mobile phone. As we've mentioned earlier, considering all the stuff we plan to put into this game, it will require a newer phone to run the game.

The size of this project is noticeable bigger than our two previous projects, and meanwhile our sparetime has become very limited. Therefor we're not expecting a betatest version to be ready in 2008.

We will keep you updated with the progress of the game here. It currently looks like this:

  • Story: 90%
  • Graphics: 6%
  • Music: 15%
  • Coding: 15%


Game-development on hold

Our new project has been on hold for a while, due to school work and another spare time project called Indie Game Music.

Blu has been rather busy with school lately, and will continue to be so up to June, so our game development is very limited at the moment. Meanwhile, Lu has engaged himself in another project at; a new site aimed at helping indie game-developers find music for their homebrew games - and for the indie musicians to display their music. So if you're a game-developer, do check out the site when you need music for your games. And if you're a musician, go put your tracks on display. It's a free service for both parties.


New project startup

Looking at Sort'em and Ukko's Escape, we are proud to have created two fun and addicting games that works on a wide range of mobile phones. It's been an exciting challenge making the games compatible with older slower phones, such as the Motorola E398 and Sony Ericsson T610, but it has also put a lot of limitations on the games.

For our next project we would like to have more freedom for our creativity, and put much more music, maybe sound-effects, animation and other gimmicks into the game. That basically means it will be a bigger project requiring much more time, and when development is completed the game itself will only be available on newer phones. Not a smart move from a business perspective, but you must remember that we're doing games for the fun of it - not for the money.

Currently we're spending a lot of time analyzing the game idea, and building a new framework. We expect the game to work on faster MIDP2 devices with display resolutions of 176x208, 176x220 and 240x320 pixels. We might also do a 128x128 and 128x160 pixel version, but so far such versions have a very low priority.

Check back for updates in a month. :-)


Over 9.000 uploaded highscores in 1 month!

Ukko's Escape is a huge success, and it goes far beyond any expectations we've had. It's been 1 month since its release at Gamejump, and since then over 33.500 Gamejump players has loaded the game on their phone over 77.500 times, and uploaded their highscore more than 9.000 times to RumbleX! 4 of these players has managed to complete the game, 2 of them did it on Christmas eve.
For comparison, our previous game Sort'em took 3½ months to achieve 2.000 highscores, and it currently has about 1.800 scores a month at RumbleX, which isn't bad either. But the 9.226 scores in 1 month places Ukko's Escape as the current most popular game at RumbleX.

We would like to thank all our players for giving us this amazing start into 2008! And also congratulations to the 4 players who has completed Ukko's Escape: SONALI, Amers, Leo and Tj101.


Mixed opinions about Ukko's Escape

Ukko's Escape is being received with mixed opinions at Gamejump. It seems that people either love it or hate it, since the ratings we are getting are either 1-star or 5-stars. This puzzled us a bit at first, but we think the 1-star ratings comes from people who's either not reading the instructions, and thus doesn't realize they can jump down also (which is needed) - or else they just find the game too difficult regardless.
Still, it would be nice if people would write a single line explaining their rating. Otherwise we have no clue about what to improve in our next game. So if you're a player downloading from Gamejump, please remember to give a rating and write a line explaining your rating.


Sort'em and Ukko's Escape now FREE at

Our two games has now also been made available for free at HOVR. Go to and register an account to join their gaming community. You will then have access to many free games and many other player profiles.


Ukko's Escape now available for FREE at Gamejump!

The Gamejump crew are very busy these days, working on their website and administration tools for developers. So it took some time for Ukko's Escape to go through the system, but now it's finally available to download for free!
Get it here!


Signed contract with Hovr

LuBlu Entertainment has signed a distribution contract with Hovr, and shipped our two games to their distribution department. Our games will thus be available at in near future.


LuBlu Entertainment games at Hovr in near future

After spending some time researching the Hovr website, we concluded it would be a suitable next step for LuBlu to release our games there. So we mailed the staff an invitation to have a look at our games, and the response was positive.
Hovr is a bit like Gamejump. The main difference, as we see it, is the required player registration at Hovr. A required registration may sound like a drag at first, but when you login you then have access to a big community of other mobile gamers along with highscores and gaming stats. So Gamejump and Hovr are really targeting two different groups of mobile gamers.


Merry Christmas to all Java ME developers

We have created a little Java ME Christmas card for our fellow Java ME developers.
Download jad
Download jar
Watch online with mpowerplayer


Ukko's Escape turned down by Orange Pixel

Our new game Ukko's Escape was turned down by Orange Pixel today, with the argument that the graphics looked "home made". This is a surprise and disappointment to us. Our betatesters and ourselves have a different opinion. We feel our graphics have a warm and charming feel to it.
Since we don't want to change this style, it looks like all future games from LuBlu Entertainment won't be distributed through Orange Pixel. Maybe we will find another distributor, but it's not an important factor to us.


Ukko's Escape now released!

Ukko's Escape is now available for purchase at Clickgamer. A free adwrapped version will be available soon at Gamejump.


Ukko's Escape now in betatest phase 2

Ukko's Escape has now gone into second phase of the betatest, and our betatesters has been given 2 weeks to test the full game. That means we're beginning to see a release date in near future.

We estimate that Ukko's Escape will be available at Clickgamer just around the beginning of next month. It will take a little longer before a free ad-wrapped version will be available at Gamejump, and also before people can order the game via SMS from various other sites.


Betatest phase 1 complete

Ukko's Escape has gone through the first betatest phase, in which our betatesters has performed tests mainly focussing on the actual gameplay. We have received a lot of good feedback, which we're already in the process of implementing into the game. When we're done implementing requests from our betatesters, we will initiate the final betatest phase in which our betatesters mainly check that things are they way they requested. Any further feedback from phase 2 will not result in a phase 3.


Ukko's Escape now in betatest!

Ukko's Escape is now in betatest! Betatesters has been given one week for testing, and we're looking forward to hearing the feedback / test-results. At this point most technical tests has been performed by LuBlu Entertainment, so this test-phase is mostly focussed on the actual gameplay.

Screenshots and a large advert poster will be added to the description of Ukko's Escape soon.

Stay tuned. :-)


Ukko's Escape soon ready for betatest

LuBlu Entertainment is currently working on our next mobile game called Ukko's Escape. According to plans, our betatesters will begin testing in about 1 week.

So far the game is working on most devices, though some devices has to settle for a light version due to memory limitations. The game will be released worldwide through Orange Pixel, Gamejump and Clickgamer.


New website launched!

LuBlu Entertainment has invested in a brand new website, with a nice design matching the graphics of our games. It is implemented in a suitable Content Management System developed by a local company.

It was when we began developing our second game we saw the need for a more flexible website, to make it easy and less timeconsuming to maintain more titles, news and FAQs. Using a CMS is a good way of saving time, and we're very happy about our new solution.

Stay tuned for more info about our upcoming title.


2000 Sort'em highscores!

Sort'em now has more than 2000 highscores at RumbleX.


New project startup

LuBlu Entertainment is slowly starting up our next project. The game, which title is not to be revealed at this time, will be yet another one-button arcade game with lots of fun and entertainment, for phones with the following display resolutions:

  • 128x128
  • 128x160
  • 176x208
  • 176x220
  • 240x320

More news on this project will follow.


Over 1000 highscores

Sort'em now has more than 1000 highscores at RumbleX.


Sort'em v1.2 now for free at Gamejump!

Sort'em v1.2 is now available for free at!


Sort'em v1.2 out now!

Sort'em v1.2 is now available at Sort'em v1.2 distribution package sent to OrangePixel.
Sort'em v1.2 will be available at soon.


Sort'em v1.2 in development

LuBlu Entertainment is working on v1.2 of Sort'em. It will have the online RumbleX highscore system implemented.
Sort'em v1.2 will also be available in a 240x320 pixels version, besides the 128x128, 128x160 and 176x208 pixels versions.


Sort'em for free in near future

LuBlu Entertainment has signed up as publisher at That means Sort'em will be availble for free in the near future, sponsored by commercials.


Distribution package sent to OrangePixel

Sort'em v1.1 distribution package has been sent to OrangePixel. It contains the game files along with promotion materials, such as a magazine advert in high resolution.


Sort'em v1.1 available at 1001players

Sort'em v1.1 has been uploaded to


Sound bug fixed

Sound bug has been fixed and v1.1 has been uploaded to Clickgamer.


Sound bug found

A sound bug in Sort'em has been found on some phones, causing the ingame tune to be played in the menu. We are in the process of locating and fixing this bug.


Distribution of Sort'em continues

LuBlu Entertainment has signed a distribution contract with OrangePixel and CubeX Agency for non exclusive worldwide distribution of Sort'em.



Demo version has been downloaded 3000 times.


Sort'em will be available at 1001players

Sort'em has been uploaded to 1001players, a new site starting up soon.


Demo version available at Clickgamer

Demo version has been uploaded to Clickgamer now, which makes it easier for people to try out the game before buying.



Demo has been downloaded 2000 times, and 5 users have given the game an average score of 9/10, which we consider to be very good. More compatible phones are being added to Clickgamer.


Sort'em v1.0 released!

A minor sound issue was fixed. A demo version was compiled and uploaded to Getjar. Sort'em v1.0 was released at Clickgamer.


Sort'em in betatest

Sort'em v0.41 in betatest. This is expected to be the final version, depending on feedback from betatesters, who now have 1 week to perform final tests. webpage is ready for visitors.


Sort'em in betatest

Sort'em v0.37 in betatest. webpage in development. Expecting final version of Sort'em to be completed any time now.


Sort'em in development

Began working on a MIDP1.0 version of Sort'em.


Final prototype of Sort'em completed

Final prototype of Sort'em completed (Sort'em v0.25), using MIDP2.0 CLDC1.1 standard classes TiledLayer, Sprite and LayerManager. Prototype was tested by betatesters.


Birth of LuBlu Entertainment

First thoughts and ideas about Sort'em came to mind. LuBlu Entertainment was formed. Development of Sort'em in very early stages.