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Ukko's Escape is another simple, funny and addictive onethumb arcade game from LuBlu Entertainment, featuring in-game music and 3 levels of difficulty!


Ever since The Underground Ball Factories (TUBF) invaded the private life of Ukko by placing a ball factory in the cave where he had lived happily for 2000 years, Ukko has done his best to ruin the production of the ball factory, so that TUBF would be forced to leave the cave again. Having completely failed in achieving this, Ukko has now become depressed and sad. Staying in the cave will only make things even worse, so there is only one way out of this misery now:
Escape from the cave! - and that's easier said than done.

Ukko must jump, jump and jump up through the mechanical parts of the factory to reach the top of the cave, where the exit is. Each jump closer the top will make Ukko happier, and the faster he moves the happier he gets. Points is given depending on the mood of Ukko, and how fast you manage to move towards the top - but be careful! Falling down will make Ukko sad very fast, and if he gets too sad he'll loose the strength needed to escape the cave!


NOTE: Screenshots may vary depending on phone model



(or 2) Jump up


(or 8) Jump down


(or 5) Jump up


(or *) Pause game


(or #) Toggle ingame music on/off



MIDP1.0, CLDC1.0 or above


Color display with a canvas size of minimum 128x128 pixels

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